Trypsin's first contact with Hardcore was a good one...
It never left!

At an age of 12, He got in touch with Hardcore.
A friend of him bought a Thunderdome cd , and he was instantly hooked.

Years of collecting cd's passed by, and at an age of 16 he was old enough to buy his first pc.
Inspired by the cd's of Jason S, he and a friend where filling there time with mixing on a pc.

From there on,he went to clubs more often.
He got inspired by a fenomena called spinning records.
From that moment he knew...He want's that too!

A couple of months later he bought his first gear.

Every minute of spare time it was spinning , spinning, spinning...

From there on,he start's to meet people
With some help from DJ Only and MC Apster, he get his first gig in a local club.

But it didn't stay at local clubs...

Now a days he played at party's and festivals like :

Hardore to the bone, Hardcore 4 life ,Hardcore XL, Army of Hardcore , Intents Festival, Bassrulers,Last world festival,
Harmony of hardcore, Pokke herrie, Club X, I love 2 party festival,T-town masters and a lot of party's in Holland , Germany and Belgium.

The intrest in Hardcore only gets bigger and bigger.Playing Hardcore was not enough..

Producing was the next level.After a year he teamed up with guys like : System:overload , The X-clusive and Only.

Tracks like E-motion, Re-activate and BOOOM! got some very nice rating at Hardtunes, Domain hardcore , . And made it to several compilation CD's

Keep an eye out on this site for more upcoming releases and bookings!

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